President & CEO:     Deborah L. Hughes

Deborah L.Hughes joined the Susan B. Anthony House as executive director in August 2007. She brings more than twenty-five years of wide-ranging non-profit experience in managing people and financial resources, training and motivating volunteers, and fundraising to this National Historic Landmark.

Although she majored in religious studies and history in college, her journey to museum leadership was a bit unusual.  An ordained minister, Hughes has served on the pastoral staff of three churches in Michigan and New York.  She also served on the executive staff of the pension board of the American Baptist Churches, USA, in New York, NY, administering health, death, disability and retirement benefits for employees of churches and related social service organizations.  After spending most of her life away from her hometown, she was delighted to return to Rochester in 2001.

Hughes is a graduate of the University of Oregon (Eugene) with a B.S. in Religious Studies; she holds a masters’ degree from Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in Biblical Studies, with a focus on ancient languages. She earned a Certificate in Fundraising Management from Indiana University.

She is an engaging and popular speaker, and her position at the Anthony House provides opportunities to address a variety of groups, including the 2008 Annual Conference of the American Association of State and Local History, the 2009 Peace Colloquy of the Community of Christ, and other venues (see sidebar for recent appearances).

Hughes enjoys being involved in her community, and has served as a trustee or director for number of boards and councils.  She has provided leadership for hurricane relief teams in New Orleans, flood relief in Iowa, and participated in peacemaking trips to El Salvador and the Middle East. She is a strong advocate for human rights and equal opportunities for all, especially those who suffer discrimination based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or economic circumstances.  


Hughes enjoys biking, playing racquetball, traveling, reading, and bringing stories to life. She and her pit bull, Triska, share a lovely 90-year-old home in Rochester’s historic Highland Park neighborhood.

She can also change the brakes on a Tilt-a-Whirl.


You can contact Deborah through the adminstrative office at 585-279-7490, or by email here.


Deborah L. Hughes.